AUD601R Compact Audio Light - 600 Lumen

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The AUD601R is a sleek, handheld LED work light with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Not much bigger than a cell phone, this compact light weighs only 10 oz. but packs a big punch of light and sound.

 Durable – the housing is made of durable, high quality aluminum that can withstand the toughest conditions. It is dust and water resistant so it’s good to use indoors or outdoors.

 COB-LED – the high efficiency LED light is adjustable to 300 or 600 lumens. You get up to 4 hours of operating time depending on the brightness setting.

 Adjustable - The 90° rotating bracket is equipped with a powerful magnet that allows you to adjust the angle of the light and securely attach it to any metal surface.

 Built-In Bluetooth Speakers – one push of a button pairs your device to the built-in Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is amazing with smooth mid-range frequencies for all types of music. Without the light in operation the speaker will play for up to 15 hours.

The rechargeable AUD601R is equipped with a 3.7V lithium-ion battery with a charging time of 3 to 4 hours. Before the battery runs out the light will flash a warning indicating it’s time to recharge.

AUD601R -Specifications

High efficiency COB LED
300/600 lumen
2-4h operating time
3-4h charging time
3.78V 3200Af Li-poly battery